Thursday, February 17, 2011

Firefox 5 to get site-specific features

As you probably know, Firefox is going to get a faster version release cycle. This means that FF 5, 6 and 7 could release by the end of 2011. And there's already talk about a few features that will be seen in the next edition of the amazingly good contender to Google Chrome.

The Mozilla UI team has put out a few of their draft plans about the user interface in Firefox 5. And the new features look pretty promising.

There are ideas about having a site specific browser interface. As you see in the screenshot above, Firefox 5 may feature easily-accessible options for various websites. You could even have a shortcut on the desktop or pinned to your Taskbar that goes to your favorite website in a site specific interface.

All this looks so interesting.

The search bar will be slightly updated too. And Firefox Sync will be promoted in the user interface of the browser. For example, when the browser asks if you want to remember the password, a little piece of text will tell you about Firefox Sync and how it can sync your password across devices. Same goes with the pop-up that appears when you bookmark a page.

[Mozilla UI Team via ConceivablyTech via ZDNet]