Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google getting UI refresh?

So many users today saw a clean, slick bar at the top of most Google services, containing the links Web, Images, Videos, Maps and so on. It doesn't work everywhere, and there is no other highly visible change.

See the bar at the top of the page?

Is it a harbinger of other UI changes coming soon? Or as TechCrunch says, the Google '+1' social network?

In my opinion, it feels better to see your name at the top of Google pages than your email address. Why didn't they think of that before? Also, I earlier thought why in the world did they have links to Images, Videos and other stuff even when they included the exact same things in the sidebar at the left of the search results. But the new UI looks so good, I forgot all my complaints about the clutter.

Why this change? What could it be? We'll soon know. Currently, I see the new bar at the top of GMail, search, and maybe others I don't remember at the moment. But I didn't see it in Reader or Calendar. It will probably roll out pretty soon.