Friday, February 4, 2011

Read your Instapaper articles on your Amazon Kindle

Credit: Unplggd
I have an Amazon Kindle and I also happen to use Instapaper. And I love the fact that Instapaper can actually format the articles you save in it for your Kindle. Here's a tutorial on how to go about doing it.

What is this Instapaper thing?
If you click the link in the first line of this article, you'll know. Instapaper is basically a tool that helps you save web articles and sites to see later. With simplicity.

It's a really useful thing, in my opinion, especially because I write this blog and follow numerous tech blogs for that purpose. And with my new Kindle, it's even more so.

How do I do it?
Go through my Instapaper guide (link in first sentence of this article) to see how you can save articles to your Instapaper account.
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When you have articles saved in Instapaper,
  • Go to your unread folder. 
  • Look  through the sidebar on the right for a section titled 'Download'.
  • Click the Kindle link. A small .MOBI file will be downloaded.
  • Transfer it to your Kindle via USB (folder called 'documents') or through email.
You will get an easily-navigable 'book' with all the articles, nicely formatted for your device. In my experience, the formatting is pretty good. It does mess up with a few blogs, but everything is placed correctly and it's readable.

You can also schedule Instapaper to send your articles directly to your Kindle on a regular basis. See the details on the Instapaper site.

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