Friday, February 4, 2011

Nokia might go the Windows way

We saw how Android overtook Symbian in worldwide market share. Now it appears that Nokia may switch from their OS to Windows Phone for all handsets. What's more, they may announce this sometime next week!

Credit: WMPoweruser

Nokia's chief exec, who is former Microsoft exec, Stephen Elop was urged by an analyst, Adnaan Ahmed to consider tying up with Microsoft and using Windows Phone on their phones. This might revive Nokia's falling market in the US.

Microsoft and Nokia both refused to comment on this speculation. But analysts who follow both companies say that they may be preparing to announce this to investors in a London speech on February 11.

Also, Nokia had acquired Navteq in 2007. It is the company that provides the data for Microsoft's Bing search engine (pun: assisted by Google). This may mean that Bing will be the default search engine on Nokia phones after they make the switch to Windows Phone 7.

This speculation also led to an increase of more than 4 percent in Nokia's shares since Monday this week.

[via NYTimes]