Monday, February 14, 2011

Tech News Flash: Bigger Galaxy Tab coming. Smaller iPhone? Maybe

10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab coming: Samsung is releasing a bigger version of the super-hit Android tablet. Specs are out and a couple of websites have a hands-on first look review. It's called, by the way, Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Smaller iPhone may come: More and more people are confirming the rumors for a smaller iPhone that will be sold alongside the normal line. WSJ even says that someone actually saw a prototype. It had an edge-to-edge screen too.
[Wall Street Journal via Gizmodo]

Free educational material from Khan Academy on torrent: Non-profit organization Khan Academy is now giving away gigabytes of educational videos via torrents. That includes K-12 material, test prep and a lot more.

[TorrentFreak via Download Squad]

Flash 10.2 coming to Android and BlackBerry: Adobe says that they're releasing mobile versions of Flash 10.2 for Android Honeycomb and BlackBerry tablet OS. Moreover, they're planning to build Google's WebM video format support into Flash Player as well.