Sunday, February 13, 2011

Motorola Xoom on pre-order... for $1,199

Yes, the Android 3.0 powered super-awesome tablet from CES 2011, the Motorola Xoom is on pre-order at BestBuy! But before you go crazy and order one in a couple of minutes, consider the price tag.

Isn't that a bit overpriced? We already knew it was going to be. But this is too much. If you consider that it is a dual-core powerhouse with 4G, Bluetooth, 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity, 720p video recording, it deserves to be more expensive than the iPad. But will you rather go for a pre-ordered Xoom or a MacBook Pro or Air that can do a lot more than this for a similar price?

What will you do? Wait for the price to come down after it is released or just wait for the webOS tablet from HP?

[BestBuy via Engadget]