Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tech News Flash: iPad 2 is now in production, Google Translate (iOS) translates your voice

Google Translate app for the iPhone gets speak-to-translate: Now you can speak and the Google Translate app on your iPhone will translate what you said. You can also store pronunciations to hear when offline.
[Google Translate Blog]

GMail for mobile gets Priority Inbox: The super-useful GMail feature, Priority Inbox is now available for GMail in Android and iOS devices.
[Google Mobile Blog via BGR]

Firefox 4 beta 11 adds Do Not Track feature: You can set Firefox 4 so that sites that advertise based on what you've been looking for are no longer able to track your behavior on the web. They say, however, that the advertiser may refuse to allow this feature to work.
[The Mozilla Blog via TechStuff]

Apple iPad 2 now in production: Yes, you read it right. Reports say that the next generation iPad, which as usual, it is lighter and thinner is now in production. Oh, did I mention that it's got two cameras?
[Wall Street Journal via Mashable]

Smartphones sold more than PCs in Q4 2010: In the fourth quarter of 2010, for the first time in history, smartphones sold more than PCs.
[ReadWriteWeb via BGR]