Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tech News Flash: New MacBooks here, iPhone 5 leaked?

New MacBook Pro line: MacBook Pros have finally been refreshed. And they have Intel's Light Peak technology, now called Thunderbolt. There's a minimum of 4GB RAM and some models have quad-core processors. They start at $1,199 for the 13-inch model.
[Apple via CNET]

iPhone 5 front part leaked: Possible images of the front of the next generation iPhone have come out on the web. What do you think? It has space for a wider LCD. And in my opinion, it looks rather ugly.
[9 to 5 Mac via Boy Genius Report]

Nintendo 3DS launches in Japan: The much-awaited glassless 3D handheld game console has come out in Japan, a month before it comes out in the US. Engadget have a photo gallery of the final product.

Google may launch a streaming service in the UK: YouTube is showing clues to getting closer to launching an unlimited streaming service in the UK before US.
[Download Squad via NYPost]