Thursday, March 17, 2011

Google Chrome gets a new logo!

You sure know the difference between Google's Chrome web browser and Chromium, don't you? Well, Chromium had its logo changed about a week or so ago. Guess what happened next? Google followed, of course.

They had to, anyway!

Chrome had never had its metal toy-like logo changed since its public release in 2008. But the open-source Chromium browser it is based on changed its logo to a two-dimensional geometric shape recently.

So Google Chrome had it changed too. The new logo, pictured above is available only in the developers' build for now, and will come to everyone later. I have the developers version installed (though I use Firefox 4), and I was surprised to suddenly see the new logo in my Start Menu. You can download the cutting edge (and slightly buggy) dev build from here.

What do you think about this logo refresh? I thought, initially that it looked weird. But now it looks quite pretty. Like it? Hate it? Write back in the comments!

[via Download Squad]