Thursday, March 17, 2011

Firefox 4 coming out on March 22nd

After the really long beta, and a release candidate, Mozilla is finally shipping the final version of Firefox 4 next Tuesday. The news is from a Mozilla announcement, and thus credible.

Believe it or not, after the nightly builds, Firefox 4 was released as beta first in July 2010. I've been using it almost all the time ever since, and I really saw improvements, noticeable bug fixes, performance upgrades and new features in almost every beta released. The first big difference was felt in beta 7. But it was an overly extended journey.

Anyway, the Firefox 4 RC is not the final version, as it was believed to be. The stable version is coming out on March 22nd. I'm sure it won't be a lot different than the release candidate though.

Damon Score, from the Google Group writes:
"Firefox 4 RC1 has received a very warm welcome; it's time to make a decision to ship.  As of now, there are no known issues that would stop us from shipping RC1 as final.  At the conclusion of our regular 11:30AM triage session on Wednesday, March 16th, release drivers will decide whether to ship RC1 as Firefox 4."
If you've not been following the beta, Firefox 4 sure is a huge leap forward from 3.6. It's a major upgrade. The Firefox interface hasn't changed a lot through its life. But Firefox 4 is truly next level. Here's an overview on what's new.

Firefox will be getting a faster release cycle now. Just like Chrome, the version numbers will go up a lot faster, and the new features will come at the same rate. Firefox 5 plans are already here. You can expect it to release sometime later in 2011.

You can try out the release candidate until then, which can be downloaded from the Mozilla website.

[ via Lifehacker]