Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 most energy efficient browser

According to Microsoft's tests, you should use Internet Explorer 9 if you want speed. Though tests show that IE9 is super-awesome against the competition, it isn't the best. But now, Microsoft says that if you want to save your battery, and the planet, you should use IE9. It beats all other browsers.

The following tests were conducted:
  • Baseline test (no browser running)
  • about:blank test (browsers left running a blank page)
  • News site test (an unnamed, typical news content website was left running)
  • Performance app test (Galactic and FishIE Tank were run)
IE9 apparently went the lightest on energy efficiency. Firefox 4 was a close second, and Opera 11 was the worst here. For the tests, an Intel laptop running Windows 7 was used. Of course, more tests on several machines would give more convincing and definitive results.

For the amazing stats for the various tests, head over to Mashable.