Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Windows 8 details leaked

Don't worry; this is not real... yet
Well, we're not sure about what the next iteration of Windows will be called, but we sure have some very promising info about a few new features that will appear in "Windows 8".

Oh, and Microsoft has started giving out developer builds of the OS to OEM (original equipment manufacturer, if you were wondering) partners according to some reports. So the information we have (after the break) has a lot of chances of being true after all.
Microsoft is reportedly distributing build 7971.0.110324-1900 via Microsoft Connect.

Recently, a screenshot from Windows 8 was actually leaked by a Chinese website. Microsoft could be readying a beta of the next-generation OS by September this year.

For the details on the UI of Windows 8, here's an excerpt from Tom Warren's article on WinRumors:
"Microsoft’s primary Windows 8 interface is believed to be fully 3D. The interface will be “fully dynamic” and able to adapt to user habits. Icons and shortcuts will adapt to different usage scenarios to speed up daily tasks. Windows 8 is also rumored to include a new fast hibernation system. The system will hibernate in around three to six seconds and save all open documents and running tasks. Rumors suggest that Microsoft will create a dual-UI for Windows 8. A tile-based user interface codenamed “Mosh” will reportedly be included."
So hold your breaths for Windows 8. I might actually try out the beta this time and keep reporting.

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