Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nokia to revamp logo with new 'Nokia Pure' font

Nokia is changing their brand image with their new font, called 'Nokia Pure'. They are also talking about changing the font in their phones' user interfaces, advertising and more.

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Nokia currently uses a font called Nokia Sans, which is being updated with the new one. If you have a Nokia phone right now, you can see their old font everywhere. The letters in the new font, Nokia Pure, seem to flow into one another. See how the 'c' in the photo goes 'into' the 'e' instead of finishing just before the letter like in most fonts (see the Nokia Sans example below)?

Ian, from the Nokia Conversations blog, who reported this, writes:
"Not only does it look… well, pure and simple, but the letters flow into each other somewhat, creating the impression of forward movement. The idea of flow and movement appears frequently in the new branding"
They have also put up mockups of their Symbian interface on the site with the new font, compared to the current one.

It is unclear whether they will carry the new font to their new cell phones running Windows Phone, but Todd Haselton of Boy Genius Report predicts that they will. And it does make sense. They should, anyway.

[Nokia Conversations via BGR]