Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Put PowerPoint slideshows onto the Kindle (the easy way!)

You might want to review a topic for a test, and you have your teacher's PowerPoint slideshow with the revision material in it. Wouldn't you like to put it onto your Amazon Kindle and read it on the paper-like e-ink display? Me too. But the Kindle doesn't support Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, does it? Well, if you simply want to read the stuff in the slideshow, you don't even need to mess around with a converter of any kind.

A slideshow in all its glory, on the Kindle

Simply follow this little tip...
The Kindle does support viewing of PDF files. And that means, you're in luck. You can simply convert the PowerPoint presentation to a PDF and pop it right it. Just what you need is Microsoft Office (or Keynote for Mac). Or even a free office suite like OpenOffice will do. Oh, and you also need a few seconds.

Simply open the slideshow, and save a second copy by going to File; Save As for most programs. PowerPoint 2007 users will need to click the Office button in the top-left, of course. When saving, specify the file format to be PDF. MS Office supports a lot of formats.

I'm not sure about OpenOffice, but Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote both save presentations as PDFs very well. Every slide is a neat page. Scrolling up and down switches the 'slides'.

When the file is saved, simply connect your Kindle to your computer with the USB cable, and move the file to the 'documents' folder inside your e-reader, just like you transfer anything else. You can also email it to yourself and download it on your Kindle, if you understand the pricing scheme of the wireless delivery and when transfers are free.

Your presentation will show up on your Kindle's home screen, marked as PDF, and also 'new'.