Friday, April 1, 2011

Samsung is not shipping computers with keyloggers

Remember that news story from yesterday? The one with Samsung's new laptops having keyloggers?  there's an update for you. Samsung turns out to be innocent.  There new computers do not come with spyware pre-installed.
F-Secure, one of the leading security software designers verified this. They said that it is a flaw in the VIPRE Antivirus. When StarLogger is installed, it creates a folder named 'SL' in the Windows installation directory. VIPRE simply searches for the existence of such a folder in that directory. It turns out that Samsung laptops come with a similar folder (just that the contents are different). So VIPRE was wrongly identifying this folder as the installation folder of the StarLogger spyware.

Here's a screenshot of VIPRE when an empty SL folder was created and the system was scanned

But then, according to the report, someone at Samsung actually said that they had the keylogger installed for their stats. Why was that? Things will probably get clearer later. I'll keep you posted. So stay tuned.

[via F-Secure]