Saturday, April 2, 2011

Windows 8 login screen leaked

We already know that Microsoft is already distributing pre-testing builds of the next edition of Windows to OEMs. What does that mean? We will start getting leaked info too.

The "Windows 8" Welcome Screen looks so much like the Metro UI on Windows Phone 7. Jump the break to see a photo and more.

The leaked Welcome Screen is pictured to the left. The font, as you can see looks so much like Windows Phone 7. Also, it says "Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to log on".

Paul Thurrott and Rafael Riviera of Within Windows, the blog that first put this screenshot up also says that this screen is "only partially customizable".

They also talk a lot about features that will be available for "portable devices". I predict that this version of Windows will have a lot of features that manufacturers will be able to put into tablets. Within Windows talk about swipe patterns that will be used to unlock tablet-type devices. Here's a quote from their post:
"For example, on tablet-type devices, you’ll apparently be able to logon using a pattern, which we assume is similar to what’s available on Android devices today."
 [Within Windows via Download Squad]