Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Windows 8 leaked. Now what?

Windows 8 screenshots and features were leaking out slowly and steadily. We saw the login screen that looks somewhat like Windows Phone, the 'Immersive' tablet UI and something called the 'Windows App Store'. But now, the entire build, Windows 8 M1, build 7850 has leaked out onto the web via torrent.

For now, the UI is the same as the one seen in Windows 7. The same Taskbar, same everything. Except for the mysterious user photo seen in the Notification Area (cloud-based roaming user account?). The leaked photos show transparency disabled in Aero.

The build that has been leaked is the Milestone 1. It's a very, very old build, compiled in September of 2010. But still, it is Windows 8.

[Photos credit ZDNet]