Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apple retail outlets might get the revamp of the future

It's 2011 and there are no flying cars. Disappointment. But why are electronic retail stores still the same? You walk in, look at the gadgets, buy one and leave. Boring.

Apple retail stores might bump up to version 2.0 sometime very soon. Reportedly, Steve Jobs has given his own ideas to revamp the Apple stores as we know it. Click 'Continue Reading' to know more.

This new refresh is internally being referred to as the 'Apple Store 2.0'. 9to5Mac reports that some of the changes might include:
  • Larger displays and better sound systems
  • Interactive iPads in place of paper signs
  • 'Startup Sessions', which might be corners where you will be taught how to activate and get started with your devices
  • An iOS app (that might even release this week) that will help you through a store based on what location you're at
9to5Mac later wrote that some sources are reporting that a few Apple stores have received some boxes and Apple is about to start employee training on iPads. So it seems that this might happen any time now.

I presume that all this refreshing will happen only in the US for now.

[9to5Mac via BGR]