Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Nook to be unveiled on May 24, may get e-ink touchscreen

Barnes & Noble is about to show off the next generation of its Nook e-reader. It is sending off press invitations to a special event in New York.

CNET predicts that it might have a compact design and smaller price too. And there's also talk about the new Nook getting a Sony Reader like touchscreen.

Sony's Reader has an infrared touchscreen technology. The new Nook might get something similar to that while still carrying the e-ink display. To make it cheaper, it might not include the color LCD strip at the bottom of the device that the current version.

We don't actually know what the new Nook will be like. These are just predictions.

B&N have also trademarked the phrase 'The Simple Touch Reader'. That can almost confirm the prediction that the Nook might have a touchscreen. Also, B&N have also registered 'MyNook', which looks like a web portal with your data, magazines, books and other Nook stuff.