Saturday, May 14, 2011

Google Chromebooks announced, releasing in June

Google has announced new laptops from Acer and Samsung that will run the Google Chrome OS. Finally, after almost two years, they think that the Chrome operating system is done and can be included in new computers.

Google calls these things 'Chromebooks', which I think is a pretty good name. Hit 'Continue Reading' to know more.
As you know, the Chrome OS, which is built on the open-source Chromium OS, is simply the Google Chrome browser running on the Linux kernel. When you boot a computer running this OS up, it will start in about ten seconds and get you on the web. You can probably use your Google Account to sign into any Chromebook, and all your stuff is in sync and available on this computer too.

The two announced Chromebooks will cost around $500 and will come with 3G subscriptions. I'm sure you'll need them, so that you are connected on the go. For schools and businesses, Google will also rent these laptops for about $20 a month.

The two Chromebooks are landing on June 15 in select countries: the US, Spain, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Italy. They'll release in other countries soon after.

Check out Google's video (below) and the Official Google Blog to know more.

Google's official Chromebook page gives you more details about the two Chromebooks and the details on how they will work.

Google thinks that people are ready for this. But are you? Can you live completely in the cloud, using Google's online services for all your work and play? Let me know in the comments.

I think that a Chromebook can be a decent travel/work laptop. But for $500, I'd certainly get a tablet. Because people are saying that these things are far from perfect.