Monday, May 2, 2011

Make the colors in your presentation go together by just changing the hue

If you really want to make your presentation stand out, you have to take a step further than the plain black text on white background style. But it might be really tricky to choose the right colors for the various elements in your slides. Most of the time, if you are out choosing colors manually, the shades simply won't go together.

Here's a tip from Speaking PowerPoint's Bruce Gabriel that will simply blow you away and make you think: How in the world did I not know that before?

Bruce simply shows you what hue, saturation and luminosity are. In his demo, you learn how to make the colors of two shapes, SmartArt or whatever go together.

You simply copy the first shape, and change the color of the duplicate. You only change the hue, and keep the saturation (greyness) and luminosity (brightness) of the new shade the same as the original. The resulting color will perfectly match up with the new one.

It's a really useful tip to use in your next presentation, don't you think?

[via Microsoft Office Blog]