Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You can now search Google by images, voice and text

The world's leading search engine has gained new, powerful features. You can now search Google by images instead of old-school text. Plus, Google Voice Search is available on desktop for the beta version of the Chrome web browser.
Voice Search on Desktop
Voice Search is not a new idea. It was already available for most mobile operating systems. Now, Google has unveiled the service for the desktop version of Google too. But for now, it is only available for the Chrome browser.

Search by Image
Google is also rolling out a new feature called Search by Image that allows you to search using your own photos. You can also use photos from other websites as your search term. The search engine automagically looks at the photo you provided and searches for similar photos on the web.

Searching by photos works on the same technology as the one behind Google Goggles. To use Search by Image, head over to and click the camera icon. You can even drag and drop an image from your desktop. I could not use this feature. They are rolling it out slowly, over the next couple of days to international users.

This feature also comes with Chrome and Firefox extensions. However, you won't be able to use it if Search by Image is not yet available in your region.

Google Instant for Image Search
Google Instant is available when you search the Web, News, Blogs and more. Now finally, it is also coming to Image Search. It will take up to a couple of months before it is available on international domains, but you can try it out by opting in at

[via Google Inside Search]