Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazon Silk browser might come to other platforms

Amazon just announced their new line of Kindles and the Kindle Fire tablet. They also unveiled their revolutionary web browser called Silk that will come with the Kindle Fire. The browser will work differently than others built yet and will rely heavily on selective caching and Amazon servers, making web browsing a lot faster in a new and unique way.

Some domain registrations done by Amazon and their terms and conditions suggest that the company may be thinking about bringing the browser to other platforms as well.
In their FAQ for Silk, Amazon states that the browser is available exclusively on the Kindle Fire, due for shipping in November.

However, Amazon recently registered a lot of new domain names, including,,, among others, which suggests that they might think of porting the browser technology to other platforms in the future.

Also, Silk Terms and Conditions state "If you use Amazon Silk on a Kindle device, your device will automatically send Amazon Silk crash reports to Amazon. You may choose to send these reports when using Amazon Silk on other devices."

[via CNET]