Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon announcing three new Kindles and a tablet

Sorry for low quality photo
Amazon's event for the new Kindle is going on as I type this. Following CNET's live blog, I know quite a lot about the new Kindle. They seem to be speaking about the new Kindle 4 (there are three, actually) right now. No idea about the tablet. EDIT: Kindle Fire is also there. There could be two devices. Here are all the details yet:
  • Slightly whitish in color
  • Infrared touch on E-ink like the new NOOK
  • 'Tap zones' on the screen
  • Something called 'X-Ray' mode to show the "bones of the book"
  • No buttons on the device
  • $99 price point (There are more, actually, look at image alongside)
  • 3G version also (like previous versions), for $149
  • Audible integration
There is a $79 no-touch Kindle too, with buttons. It is 18% smaller too. It is shipping today. EDIT: This will have Special Offers.

There is a new advert for the $79 Kindle now.

Jeff Bezos is now talking about their media business and Android app store. This could mean a Kindle tablet.

Credit: CNET
Kindle Fire runs Amazon's Silk browser; Credit: CNET
EDIT: Kindle Fire is the tablet. It will cost $199. 7" tablet, dual-core CPU. Edge-to-edge screen. It looks like the BlackBerry PlayBook. There will be apps, movies, magazines, books and a lot more. It is light enough to be held in a hand. All data is backed up in the cloud. There are bookmark features that will let you watch movies on your TV and then move to your tablet. It does multitasking.

There are no buttons on the front. 169 ppi, Gorilla Glass is there. No idea what version of Android this runs.

Amazon's Silk browser on the Kindle Fire runs on some sweet technology. Most of the work is done on Amazon's servers. Parts of pages are cached on the device, learning from your habits.

Credit: CNET
The Kindle Fire will come on November 15, pre-orders open.

I will be updating this rapidly. Keep pressing F5. 

Amazon is not discontinuing the previous generation of Kindles yet. They are calling it 'Kindle Keyboard' now.