Friday, September 23, 2011

Why are iPhone 5 cases arriving in retail stores already?

MakeUseOf's Dave LeClair is exclusively reporting that iPhone 5 cases are arriving in stores already. He was lucky enough to check them out by himself. If the iPhone 5 cases are indeed genuine, we can get a pretty good idea about what the next iPhone will look like.

Here is a list of key details.

All photo credit to Dave from MUO.

  • The phone that goes in there is thinner (of course), comparable to the latest iPod touches.
  • Apple seems to have returned to the rounded edges like in the older generations.
  • The volume buttons and the screen-lock/mute switch are on opposite sides.
However, these cases are not made by Apple, and rather by a third-party. "They still [need] to be treated as a rumor."

 To see a full description, the story behind it and more photos, check out Dave's article on MUO.