Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Gmail Backup Solutions

This is a guest post by John Lander.

I’m guessing it’s never happened to you before, but you have heard of it happening to your friend
or a friend of a friend. One day they go online and accidentally delete that important Gmail email
with your most important username and passwords saved in it, which you should not do
anyways, or maybe you have just logged on and found out that Google had a big problem and
some, if not all, of your emails were deleted.

You can say it will never happen and it might not, but it’s better to be prepared than not at all.
Here are three Gmail backup solutions to help you out just in case one day you do need it.

1. Gmvault

Gmvault is a new player in this field, it looks like it may stomp all of the other competition and it’s just in beta. This nifty little program encrypts your saved emails, restores emails to any Gmail account, syncs to backup your whole Gmail account and much more. The only downside as of right now is that the program is run from a shell.

2. MailStore Home 

MailStore Home is a free email backup program not just for Gmail, but for any other email provider that offers POP3 or IMAP. Unlike Gmvault, MailStore Home offers a very slick user interface, easy to navigate and great search functionality.

3. Archive your email using an alternative email address

Although this method may not be the easiest and more time consuming, it gets the job done. Using Gmail (which I think you should use an alternative email provider if you’re already using Gmail), Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. create a new email address and forward your most important emails, or if you’re feeling frisky all of them, to the new email address as a backup. That way if your main email were ever accidently deleted you could then hop on to your backup email and forward them right back over!

Be a trooper and right now take the time to pick one of these backup solutions and get started.
Not later or tomorrow, but now. It only takes a few minutes of your time and you’ll be glad you
did if you’re ever the victim of data loss.

About the Author
John H. Lander Jr. is a tech fanatic, up-and-coming tech/lifehack writer and these are his words.
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