Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Next iPhone Will be Taller with a Cooler Looking Backplate - Leaked Images

Newly leaked images from some credible part suppliers and tech blogs show what the sixth-generation iPhone may actually end up looking like. Multiple sources report very similar designs. However, there are a few minor differences in photos from different sources, casting doubts on the credibility of this whole thing.

So take this with a grain on salt and look from a skeptic's eye. These may be fakes created for the hype that spurts out from all over the web around this time every year.

9to5Mac has posted this image:

They have received very high resolution images from iFixyouri. They have many more over at their post. This source has been reliable before. They said before the release that the second iPad will also be available in white.

It appears that the back will be part metal and the antenna will somehow be incorporated into it. From the other photos they have posted, it appears that the dock connector will be smaller and the phone itself will be taller. What will happen to the resolution and what developers will need to do with their apps, we don't know yet.

Engadget reports that uBreakiFix has posted this image:

This source has been very reliable before (with older Apple device leaks) as well.

What do you think about all this? Any thoughts, predictions? Post them in the comments!