Monday, July 23, 2012

10 Great Music Apps For The iPad

This is a guest post by Rod Tolentino.

Apple products have revolutionized the world of music with its applications. Now with the 9.7 inch display of the iPad, it has attracted more attention for its musical possibility. The app store has a plethora of music apps that are actually, well, kind of crap. From virtual instruments to awesome rigs, here are some incredible apps that can be utilized by professional musicians and amateurs alike.

1. Drum Meister

This is one of the best drum simulation applications. If you don’t have the moolah or the space from a real drumset, then this app is for you. For a measly $1.99, you can enjoy four different drum kit sounds (electronic, jazz, dance and rock). It also has the capability to record your awesome beats even in the free version. The free version offers a simple interface but is still packed with undeniable awesomeness.

2. Animoog

Animoog is certainly a must -have for any electronic musician. This is Moog Music’s very first polyphonic synthesizer for the iPad, and is currently one of the best software synthesizers in the market today. Its audio capabilities are really outstanding (8 timbres). Any professional musician would want this piece of magnificent kit in his or her arsenal. A bit pricy costing $29.99, but it’s all worth it.

3. Cleartune

The name of the app speaks for itself. Cleartune is a chromatic tuner that allows you to accurately tune your instrument. The features include a unique “note wheel” interface which allows you to swiftly find the right pitch. Cleartune can tune almost any instrument that can sustain a tone. A must have for any musician at a cheap price ($2.99).

4. Pianist Pro

Pianist Pro has tons of amazing features for a cheap price of $9.99. It has multiple instrument types like electric piano, synthesizers, acoustic guitar, and other organ types. Besides that, the application even has a full featured drum machine application built in it so you can make use of drum patterns using a 16 count loop with 10 built in drum kit sounds. Pianist Pro is a very fun and easy to use app for professionals and amateurs alike.

5. GarageBand

GarageBand is one of the best and well-known music applications in the market. It features a wide range of instruments including guitars, drums and piano. And as if that wasn’t enough, it can also be used as a virtual studio to lay down and experiment with multiple songs. You can even record actual riffs from your electric guitar with your device. You can get GarageBand at the app store for only $2.99 which is not bad for a multi-purpose instrument app.

6. Looptastic HD

For those who are addicted to looping, you might want to check the app store for Looptastic which only costs $14.99. This incredible app allows you to create and experiment with your own remixes using their collection of over 900 loops ranging from hip hop, trance, dubstep and ambient beats to suit your needs. You can even record your own loops using the built-in mic in your device and share them on SoundCloud.

7. On the Music Path

For aspiring musicians, On the Music Path should be in your list of apps for your music learning adventure. In here, you can find awesome video tutorials by world renowned musicians like Scott Tennant, Ravi Shankar, Eric Johnson and many more. The app is free to use but the music lessons can be purchased for $2.99 - $19.99.

8. Harmonica

This isn’t an app where you need to put your device in your mouth. Harmonica produces music with touch. The user interface is very simple and clean. There are 12 keys you can use that produce that unique harmonica sound. In addition, you can use pre-loaded tracks and play with them Guitar Hero style! App Cost: $0.99

9. djay

This has got to be one of the fun must-have apps in your iPad. djay turns your iPad into an awesome DJ rig for $19.99. The user interface looks simple at sleek with two decks with waveform overviews and a crossfader in the middle of the screen. Other features include channel mixers, pitch benders, volume control and the needle which can be moved to seek within the track. The app has direct access to your music library so you don’t have to import the songs. A great app for amateurs who want to try some DJ-ing.

10. Songsterr Plus

Songsterr is a remarkable app for amateurs who are always looking for tabs and chord patterns on the web. For $9.99, this application has quite a number of tabs of popular songs for multiple instruments with over 400,000 high quality tabs. In addition, there is an audio playback with which you can slow the track to half speed on difficult parts. You can even access songs you previously viewed without an internet connection.

About the Author
Rod Tolentino is a musician and a marketing manager for Repair Labs and, an industry-recognized specialist in iPhone and iPad accessories as well as iPad and iPhone repair.