Sunday, August 19, 2012

iPad App Review: Hypnosketch

"Hypnosketch is a fascinating and attractive little drawing app that produces sounds as you draw. But its pointless nature makes it best for very small children and pets to play with."

Hypnosketch is one of the first apps that got sent to me through my new free app review request service. Hence this is also going to be my first “requested review” on RNIT.

As with all of my app reviews, I have segregated “The Good” and “The Bad” below. There is also a new section which explains the app itself instead of cluttering the introduction.

What It Is

Hypnosketch is a cool-looking, sort of pointless, drawing toy app. You basically select a background image, choose from a bunch of 3D shapes and “draw” them on the screen. The shapes are small, animated, colorful graphics that are placed on the screen like ink when you draw around. It results in cool looking, shimmering artwork. As you draw, different shapes also make various sounds.

Cost: $1.99 (as of the time of writing)
Available for: iPad

The Good

Good-looking (and sounding)

Hypnosketch comes with a really good selection of backgrounds for your creations. The graphics that you use are quite pretty. There’s a wide range of fascinating to weird graphics: From eyeballs to abstract ‘things’. Every element that you can draw with has a slightly unique sound, from echoing electro music elements to eerie sewer sounds. You can also customize the size of your brushes to make your art just like you want it to be and you can save an image of your creation before erasing it.

Fun app for children and pets

Hypnosketch is perfect for handing over to small children and pets. Want a video of your cat or toddler to go viral on the web? Just put a video of them playing on Hypnosketch. Little children will be mesmerized by the sounds and colors for sure. However, shapes are changed via a menu that is only accessible by tapping a small button in the corner. Very young children may find it hard to remember where it lies.

Multitouch drawing

Hypnosketch supports multitouch. For best results, turn off multitouch gestures via the settings on iPad. Children will be able to play around with both hands and several fingers at once.

The Bad

Quite pointless

Well, yeah. Apart from the sounds and cool graphics that will keep children busy, Hypnosketch is pretty pointless. It’s not a game with an objective and it’s not an app that lets you draw whatever you want with whatever color you pick (you can use your imagination with the provided shapes, though). There’s not a lot more you can do with it.

Slightly overpriced

Currently, Hypnosketch costs $1.99. It’s really useful for parents who often want to silence their very young children and keep them busy for a while (and the price is justified). But with the features and graphics available, I would prefer a price of $0.99. It’s not a huge difference, but for a lot of people, it may not be money well spent.