Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Microsoft Surface vs. iPad - A Comparison

This is a guest post by John.

Microsoft recently announced that the official Windows 8 launch will take place worldwide on the 26th October 2012.

This brought enthusiasm to lots of Windows fans and although they were expecting more Microsoft announcements regarding the new Surface tablets, the official release date of the much promising tablet has been left in the dark.

Microsoft has been without a tablet on the market and the first upcoming Surface tablet will include some features many users have been demanding and expecting from similar tablets such as Apples successful iPad that is considered to be crowned King of Tablets over the last years.

Although the iPad has been very successful as it included user friendly features and is constantly improving version after version some basic specifications tech-users have demanded have not appeared resulting in driving them towards other tabled devices on the market.

Microsoft has done some serious homework over the past years keeping notes of all these iPad disadvantages and will provide all these specifications in the upcoming Surface tablet. So what exactly will make the Surface capable to challenge the iPad and take the leading position? Some features that will definitely work in the Surface favour are:

Cover that transforms into a keyboard

Traditional keyboard users are finding it difficult to co-op with touchable screen keyboards,
This is a fact and Microsoft has created a protection cover for the surface that can be connected to the surface and whenever the user opens the cover it transforms in keyboard giving the user the opportunity to use it having the realistic feel of a traditional keyboard and not the touch of a screen.


Microsoft has announced that both the Surface tablets that will be released will have a built in stand, it will be nicely designed and once opened its main goal will be helping the front camera facing the user targeting the face for easy communication capabilities. Another good feature with the Stand is that it can be placed in a position for the user to easily read documents, view videos or photos.

USB ports

Finally iPad users that will be driven toward the new Microsoft surface will re-unite will the traditional USB input.

Both versions of the Surface will include as announced two USB ports. They will work for easily connecting an external drive; they will be useful for backups and file exchanging.

Which version is better for you?

We are all waiting for the release of the Microsoft Surface, but what version is suitable for you?
The Surface will be released by Microsoft in two versions. One version is appropriate for a more basic and less demanding user, user learning for Microsoft operating systems for the first time and for kids. The basic version will also NOT include Windows 8 but Windows RT, It will also include a Microsoft office basic version for simple tasks such as writing-printing and it will be much cheaper. The other Version that will be released will have an integrated version of Windows 8 it will have a faster CPU, It will include the full Microsoft Office package, rumours also say it will have an NVidia VGA, The price will be higher but Microsoft have revealed that the price of the two tablets will not be higher than $150!

Additional specs and comparison

It is fair to mention some technical information between the two tablets as Surface in contrast to the iPad share some technical specifications with minimal differences put may play a role in future buyers such as the weight finding the iPad slightly lighter by 24gr (iPads weight is 652gr compared to the 676gr for the Surface). Mentionable is also the screen size with Surface having a bigger screen (9.7inch screen on the ipad compared to 10.6 inch screen on Surface).

Finally the iPad has a longer lasting battery life with 42.5 watt-hour (Wh) integrated battery, with Apple claiming an average of 10 hours usage per each charge while browsing, playing videos or listening to some music, compared to a
42 watt-hour (WH) on Surface Pro using Windows 8 (usage of 9-9.5 hours) and a 31.4 watt-hour battery on the Surface RT edition meaning we can use it for an average of 6 hours.

Mobile electronic devices are getting smaller, thinner and more sophisticated. All the above technical information and specifications could find all types of people suited for both business and leisure travellers and as a conclusion that Apple’s device is suitable for a less professional use, suitable for someone who needs a more advanced but yet very portable “smartphone” something that you can take with you and use anywhere. It is the most portable and easier to use of all. And for many still full-fledged desirable choice.

In conclusion to the Surface suitable for a more “PC-related user” who is looking for both mobility and heavy and more functional capabilities and using a larger screen.

All tablets that have been released up to now since the release of the first iPad claim to be better than it and so far they have failed. Will Microsoft manage to make the difference and steal Apples glory with this promising device?

We will have to wait and see.

About the Author
John is an IT Professional, enjoys writing useful information of the latest technology news on simplelize.com.