Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amazon Accidentally Leaks Kindle And Kindle Fire In TV Ad

Amazon might just have done it. A new Amazon TV commercial clearly shows a beautiful new Kindle that looks exactly like the "Paperwhite" leaks from a couple days ago. There's also a new Kindle Fire in the video that looks like the leaked designs.

Is this a slip-up or what?

Was the commercial supposed to air later? Or was this done on purpose? Do they even care as much about leaks as Apple does?

The Verge reported this and has uploaded the commercial to their website (embedded below).

The device looks really beautiful in my opinion. It does have the dark bezel, a touchscreen and color contrast that has never been seen on an e-reader before. The screen is really bright white. I just hope that it wasn't simulated for the ad.

We will learn all about the device in the press event tomorrow.