Saturday, January 12, 2013

5 Windows Phone Apps to Create and Customize Live Tiles

This is a guest post by Charles Malcolm.

Are you tired of the Live Tiles that appears every time when you start up your PC system? No more of the annoyance now. Windows Phone 8 offers you the capability of customizing the Live Tiles according to your preference. You can resize them and shuffle them as you wish. Don’t you think this is a real boost for the mobile Microsoft OS? You now have the privilege to arrange things according to their importance.

If you desire to make and modify the Live Tile, there are some apps for your help. Check out the best ones so that you can make successfully customize the home screen of your Windows Phone.

My Live Tile

This is a free simple tool for creating the tile design. You can make one main tile surrounded by other secondary tiles. You can add around 6 tiles which also comprise of the web links. You can also use your image in the back and front of the tiles. 

Wiztiles Pro

The app tops the list of preference in the personalization list of Windows Phone. So much variety of customization alternatives and themes are available these days. This app enables you to select a color and text of your choice for the background, split any image to tiles and save the work. Various types of functions can be enjoyed by you with this app. 
  • Configure wifi
  • Configure cellular
  • Configure Bluetooth 
  • Compose message 
  • Take photograph and so on

Web Tiles

This is a useful tool for displaying different sections of your interest on the home screen of your Windows Phone. You get the facility to watch the weather reports, sports results, stock action and other such things. However, if any of the sites requires to log in, you cannot include that here. 

MyTileMaker Pro

This is a complete tile creating app that covers a gamut of alternatives such as images and lists, reminder notes and so on which you can easily pin to your Windows Phone’s home screen. Split any image into multiple tiles, adjust the tile color, text size, backflip behavior and then send your lists and memo with the help of an email. 


This is a powerful tool but has only one disadvantage – it is not updated for supporting wide tiles. Apart from this, you are opened to a number of customization alternatives for back content, text, background and fronts. 

About the Author
Charles Malcolm is a business professional using Windows Phone extensively for his business purposes. He ensures that he has the proper wireless network setup in her phone so that business dealings become easier for his.