Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Google Docs fonts and features not available?

I recently switched to using Google Docs for all my work. I saw that it has improved considerably from the buggy piece of web app I saw before to an amazing online office suite. But I had a problem. I saw that the new fonts the world was writing about were not available in the editor. I pulled some of my hair for a while, looking for fixes, and finally got one after a lot of searching (hidden away in the depths of the web).

It was not a problem with my browser that the new fonts were not accessible. It was just a stupid little setting that was disabled. I don't know why those Googlers even put it there.

Anyway, the fix is very simple.
  • Click Settings at the top and go to Documents settings.
  • Go to the Editing tab.
  • Now enable the New version of Google documents.

Don't you agree that there was no reason to put that setting there? Fine, maybe some people won't be comfortable with the new interface right away.

Whatever. Your problem is fixed, at least.

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