Tuesday, December 21, 2010

VLC Media Player Santa hat easter egg!

Users are starting to notice a modified icon for VLC Media Player appear during Christmas week. The orange traffic cone logo is now wearing a Santa hat. But this is an already-hidden easter egg, and does not require an update! How does this work?

VLC Media Player does not update in the background. If it's updating, you'll know it when it happens. I was notified that a new version is available. The update was going on, but even before it was installed, I saw a nice little Santa-hat-on-the-orange-traffic-cone logo in the app. I was surprised.

Well, it is simple. This is an easter egg. The logo and even the custom icon that appears in the title bar if you notice comes prepackaged in the program. It is probably programmed to appear around Christmas. Stop panicking. VideoLAN people haven't hacked your computer or something.

It's just a nice way to wish Christmas to VLC using geeks. Smart idea, VideoLAN!

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