Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Barnes & Noble sells 3 times more Nook books than paper books

Many people say that the Barnes & Noble NOOK e-reader is the biggest competitor to the Amazon Kindle. I really agree. The new Nook has a touchscreen and on-screen keyboard while also sporting an e-ink display.

It also appears that Barnes & Noble is selling (a lot) more e-books than paper ones through their website, just like the Kindle.
Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch said that NOOK e-books and all paper formats (hardcover, paperback) are selling in a ratio of 3:1 through

NOOK's market share increased in the last quarter from 25% to 27%. Over the same quarter last year, the company had seen a 300% leap in market share. Also last quarter, sales of B&N paper books in brick and mortar stores fell by 3%. These numbers are not at all astonishing. E-books are the future... aren't they?

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